COLT: Council on  Library/Media Technicians

Council on Library/Media Technicians

An international organization which works to address the issues and concerns
of library and media support staff personnel.

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Executive Board
Constitution (2006)
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History & Objectives
Professional Affiliations
American Library Association (ALA)
Ontario Association of Library Technicians / Association des bibliotechniciens de l'Ontario

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Calendar of Events
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Keynote Speeches
Library Mosaics/COLT Annual Awards Recipients


Bibliographies (Compiled by Rita Gibson)
Library Paraprofessionals: A Bibliography
Library Certification: A Bibliography
Leadership: A Bibliography
Library Education: A Bibliography
Mentoring & Libraries: A Bibliography
Networking-Association and Conference Participation: A Bibliography
Supervising: A Bibliography
Volunteering: A Bibliography
Writing Proposals for Grants: A Bibliography
Writing for Library Publications: A Bibliography
ALA Document from the American Library Association Committee on Education Task Force for Review of the Criteria for Programs to Prepare Library Technical Assistants
COLT Membership Contact Person: Jackie Lakatos
COLT Job Line
COLT Members Mailing List
COLT Members Survey Summary
COLT Position Paper on Skill Certification for Library/Media Support Staff
U.S. Library Technician Programs List
Additional Resources
Associates: the Electronic Library Support Staff Journal
Library Support Staff.Com
Library Support Staff Interests Round Table
ErgoLib: for Safer Library Computing
Librarian's Yellow Pages


Who to Contact
Policies and Procedures
Guidelines for Submitting Information

For more information on the activities of COLT, please contact:

Jackie Hite, President
Voice: (202) 231-3836
Fax: (202) 231-3838

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