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A mailing list/discussion list for the members of the Council on Library/Media Technicians (COLT) has been established on The list provides an opportunity for members of the Council on Library Media Technicians (COLT) to discuss issues important to them and to keep up to date on activities and actions of the Council on Library Media Technicians (COLT). The list is not moderated as to content, however it is recommended the discussion be primarily about library and/or library support staff issues. Politics, religion and prolonged discussion of purely personal topics are best discussed with individuals personally instead of on the list.

To subscribe to the COLT mailing list click on the link at the top of this page or send an e-mail message to Do not include a subject line or any information in the text/message area. You will receive a reply from that will give you options on how to confirm your subscription. As soon as you are confirmed as a member of COLT you will receive additional information from the list manager. If you need assistance in signing on to the list please contact List Manager.

Join us on the COLT mailing list soon.

COLT membership is open to all library, information center and media center support staff personnel and to all within the library community who have an interest in paraprofessional issues.

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