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Council On Library/Media Technicians


A. Mission Statement

The purpose of the Home Page of the Council on Library/Media Technicians, Inc. (COLT) is to distribute information consistent with the mission and policies of COLT.

The COLT Home Page provides:

B. COLT Web Team

The COLT Web Team will consist of the Webmaster(s), Membership chairperson, two appointees, and the President.

The COLT Webmasters are Linda Owen, and Julia D. Ree,

The COLT Web Team will:

Questions about the COLT Home Page, or suggestions for corrections and/or changes should be directed to the COLT Home Page Webmaster(s)

C. Who May Submit Information to the COLT Home Page

The following people or groups may submit information to the COLT Home Page:

D. Host Site

The COLT Home Page is hosted by the Library of the University of California Riverside. All effort will be made to adhere to the library's rules regarding sponsored professional pages.

All sites sponsored by the Library must include the following statement: "This website is hosted by the Library of the University of California, Riverside, but all content is the sole responsibility of the maintaining organization."

Any questions deriving from the sponsorship of the COLT Home Page should be directed to

E. Copyright

All material on the COLT Home Page is protected by copyright. None of this material may be published or altered without the permission of the copyright owners, whether they be the original authors, who have given us permission to include their material, or us. However, others may freely provide links to the COLT Home Page from other Web sites.

F. Links

  1. Links from the COLT Home Page should be to sites that are professionally related, support staff related or related to COLT activities (conference hotels, tours, etc.)
  2. By providing links, COLT does not endorse any particular site or company, or guarantee that said link exists.
  3. When notified that a link is no longer active, it will be deleted from the COLT Home Page.

G. General Information

  1. The Webmaster(s) or any member of the COLT Web Team has the right to edit copy to conform to style standards.
  2. The Webmaster(s) and/or Web Team has the final determination of what is to be posted to the COLT Home Page and the form in which it is posted. All decisions will be based on the COLT Home Page Mission Statement and established COLT policies and procedures, as well as the policies and procedures of the host server.
  3. The COLT Webmaster(s) or Web Team may determine an item is more appropriate for another web page such as the Library Support Staff Resource Center. If so, the person submitting the material will be so notified.
  4. Although every attempt will be made to keep information current and accurate, COLT cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.
  5. All parties providing information on the COLT Home Page warrant that copying, distribution, and use of such materials in connection with the COLT Home Page does not violate any other party's proprietary rights.
  6. The COLT Home Pages will be tested using Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers, or any other browsers as deemed appropriate by the Web Team.
  7. The sale of merchandise is restricted until the Host Site establishes policy governing such action.

H. Guidelines for submitting information to be posted on the COLT Home Page

  1. The preferred format for submissions to the COLT Home Page is as unformated text files.
  2. Printed text will be accepted; however, as printed text must be keyed in, there will be a delay in posting the information to the Home Page.
  3. If the content of the message is primarily text, submit it as straight text, single spaced, with no tabs. Do not indent paragraphs, but do separate paragraphs with a double space. The final layout of the page will be established by the webmaster(s).
  4. If there is a preferred layout, submit two versions of the information. One should be in the preferred layout and the other as text only. The Webmaster will try to follow the preferred sample layout as closely as possible, but may be bound by HTML and/or system limitations.
  5. Graphics
    - Graphics should be submitted as separate gif or jpg files.
    - While graphics may enhance the aesthetic appeal of a page, it is preferred that they be used judiciously because extensive use of graphics slows retrieval time for users with older systems.
  6. Frames will not be used on the COLT Home Page unless the information is also available in a non-frame environment.
  7. Material should be proof read and spell checked carefully before submission.
  8. If the information submitted is time sensitive, notify the Webmaster(s) the exact time period the information is to be posted to the Home Page.

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